Welcome to Carson Dunn Media!

Welcome to Carson Dunn Media!

Carson Dunn Media, a small boutique advertising and public relations agency in Van Nuys, CA, is one of the most unique agencies in all of Los Angeles. This multi-cultural agency was first developed in 2002 by Bernard McNealy as the communications voice for Carson Dunn Paralegal and Garrick Avenue Publishing. Carson Dunn Media is devoted to its sole mission of helping expand small to mid-sized businesses.

We are a hybrid of marketing, advertising and public relations services. Our market research targets the exact audience and demographics for your product/services. Our advertising is specifically designed to attract these target audiences. We then implement various forms of media ranging from television, print, radio and social media to ensure that you receive the most recognition and attention possible.

Our team is culturally diverse, contemporary, yet traditional. Our clients are quite similar; as we represent up and coming bands, performers, entrepreneurs, businesses and the like. We are dedicated to providing them with the finest services out there.

Our Team:

In addition to being the founder and owner of Carson Dunn Media, Bernard McNealy is a certified mediator and a member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association. He is also the published author of  four how-to manuals pertaining to divorce, landlord-tenant and unemployment issues, as well as several detective/legal mystery novels, set to be published by Garrick Avenue Publications in 2011.

Kimberly Bautista is the talented artistic director of Carson Dunn Media. Bautista first began as an intern for Carson Dunn Media, but quickly worked her way up to the position as Art Director. She is the primary developers of Carson Dunn Media’s brochures, press kits, postcards, graphic arts and other forms of media.

Carson Dunn Media is based off of the following three guarantees:

1.) We will work tirelessly to a client’s satisfaction.
2.) We will employ affordable, innovative tactics designed to achieve your desired market share.
3.) Our relationship is exclusive and dedicated to you; and not our competitors.

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