Check Out How Carson Dunn Media has Helped a Few Small Businesses!

Here at Carson Dunn Media, our portfolio includes a very diverse array of clients. We have decided to share how we helped two of our clients meet their goals, and what unique marketing/advertising/pr techniques (which we call ’triplication’ we used in their campaigns.

Marlene Jones Books and Products:

This prominent book publishing company in the American South is known for its uplifting fiction and self-help. The company needed to bridge a perceived sales gulf in the American South, and hit a target sales goal of several hundred thousand in sales per year. Traditionally, Marlene Jones Books achieved this goal through bookstore sales and the sales of merchandise. Unfortunately, many of the bookstores heightened the prices of these items for their own profit, which had a negative affect on the sales of these products.

Carson Dunn Media decided to implement a series of public relations tools to help them achieve their sales goals. Through press and media kits, events, direct mail and e-mail, we were able to help get Marlene Jones Books and Products name into the world! We researched a very direct target audience, which consisted of online book clubs, college students and student campus organizations.

Marlene Jones Books and Products investment in triplication helped to achieve their sales goals, and brought new business to Carson Dunn Media as the owner of Marlene Jones Books and Products approached us with new ventures.

Shooting Stars Foundation:

Shooting Stars Foundation has a for profit component of their organization–they wanted to sell instructional DVD’s on basketball fundamentals and sports equipment on discount; of which the sales of these items would be put back into the non-profit portion of the organization. However, Shooting Stars had one major obstacle in their path: a former well-known NBA player had a monopoly on this market in retail outlets, and a budget that was twenty times the size of Shooting Stars.

Carson Dunn Media came into the picture with a blended marketing campaign of public relations and advertising. Our public relations campaign combined Internet blogs, tie-ins to sports clinics, promotional DVD’s and raising money through charitable community events that were devoted to improving health and fitness through the act of sports. In addition, we implemented mass direct mail campaigns, fliers to merchants and newsletters.

Carson Dunn Media’s triplication efforts were met with great success! It is estimated that 50,000 was raised for Shooting Stars, and that they soon became a more well-known name in the business.


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