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Keepers: Clients We Admire

 The other day we discussed what kinds of clients we craved: driven, creative people or businesses with a good head on their shoulders. Today, we at Carson Dunn Media want to tell you about one of our clients we consider a keeper, Johnny Bahar. In our opinion, Johnny is everything an agency could possibly want in a client, and here is why:


 Johnny Bahar has overcome many obstacles to become the freewheeling, hilarious comic he is today, beginning with his birth. Born in Afghanistan when it was fighting off Soviet Russia’s invasion, Johnny had to flee his homeland with his family for America. Despite having to run from their country the Bahars made the best of the situation and strived to make a better life for their family in America.

 Civil unrest is not the only hardship Johnny has faced. As a 7 year old in America Bahar was found to be suffering from Tourette’s syndrome. Rather than being crushed by this setback, Johnny decided to take lemons and make lemonade, using his disorder to his advantage when crafting his stand up comedy as he grew older.

 His background as a refugee with a disorder has bee a huge factor in motivating Johnny to achieve his dream of being a prime stand up comic, because knowing what he has already undergone in his life, wowing crowds at his favorite stand up venues seem like a walk in the park.


 Using his noggin, Bahar realized that with a wife and four daughters, having a day job as General Sales Manager for Ideal Car Sales in Sacramento, California isn’t the worst thing, especially in this economy. But that doesn’t make Johnny any less devoted to perfecting his act every day. Juggling a job, family, and passion simultaneously is no easy task, but somehow, with his dedication, Johnny makes it all work, showing a commitment to all the things he loves in life that is truly impressive.


 Johnny’s hard work has paid off! He is about to embark on his first ever tour of comedy venues, making Carson Dunn Media very proud. Stay tuned for more details on how you can see Johnny Bahar live!

 Cecilia Geers, Advertising

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