It may sound like we’re joining the game late, but our agency has committed itself to blogging. We’re a hybrid outfit, a melding of an advertising agency and public relations firm. In other words, Carson Dunn Media is the spoon of peanut butter that fell into the vat of chocolate. The taste is different, but it’s damn good. On the most basic level it really doesn’t matter because our purpose is to promote a client’s product. We’re in the game of communications. We want our client’s message to resonate with consumers and increase their bottom line.

Although everyone at CDM is encouraged to put their words to paper, it not something that is subject to mandate. I’ve decided to be an occasional contributor. I’m going to offer views on everything from why the hell hot coffee scalds your groin, to opinions on advertising and PR, and weighing options to improve whatever.

Anyway, in this particular column I decided to give credit to a fantastic contributor to whatever success we’ve had.  This person may not like being singled out, but it’s my column.

Sherman Martin, my late grandfather told me something I can’t forget. He said: “A man may live a long life. It might be confused and troubled. But keep waiting. Before your time’s up, God will place you with one person that is so substantial, their presence erases all the mess you’ve endured. It will happen once before you pass on, and you’ll be blessed. Always appreciate them.”

(Understand this applies to my professional life as head of CDM.)

Running an agency can be messy. It’s confusing when clients are demanding, employees get filled with discord, vendors are late and invoices get lost.  There’s always a weird coincidence that when invoices goes AWOL, client rosters shrink. Regardless, Sherman was clairvoyant. Someone came into the vortex of CDM and suddenly, all was right with the world.

Several months back an intern named Kimberly Bautista made a long trek to the agency and was so exemplary in her work, I was amazed. Thorough and thoughtful, Kim quickly gained my trust.  At the risk of sounding sexist, Kim is also Halle Berry/Salma Hayek cute. But it was her integrity that allowed me to hire and then eventually promote her to assistant creative and art director.  (Incidentally, among agencies, only 3% can claim a woman as creative and art directors.)

At our best we work together using “creative telepathy.” It works like this: I give her a concept; she produces amazing graphics. Together, we produce advertisements  that rival any small agency’s work.

Not slighting anyone that’s graced CDM, Kimberly Bautista is that one person who has helped me see silver linings in dark clouds. Because of her, all is right with Carson Dunn Media. I can’t thank you enough, Kim.

Bernard A. McNealy, President

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