Giving Gratitude – It’s Thanksgiving


My avocation is writing novels.  We let us not debate the merit of my style, choice of prose, or genre.  Suffice to say it is what I do. Suffice to say it is part of who I am.  A novelist is an observer.  I watch everything, digest what I see and hopefully, my observations serve as catalyst to act and behave as is necessary.  Observing is also an opportunity to become reflective.

Here are my reflections.  We’re closing in on the end of the year. It’s Thanksgivings.

Americans have a lot to be thankful for.  We can disrespect our country by acting like unappreciative jackasses while criticizing our wonderful military that puts it on the line; or, blame former President Bush for acting from the heart.  Or, bash President Obama for being the anti-Christ, of fraud, a Manchurian Candidate, or worse — bi-racial.

Listen, I choose not to occupy a Wall Street – my family deserves to be clarion and echelon.  I care about others less fortunate. I am helping my church to feed the homeless and find them shelter. I also give them job counseling and advice. With all of our problems, the recession, the great racial divides and cultures, we’re still Americans united by a set of ideals.  There is an American exceptionalness that is to be applauded.  In the end, if it’s a car, monkey wrench, a bridge, a computer, advertising or business, King Kong ain’t got nothing on us, baby.  There is no disgrace in our collective greatness.

So, I’m going to express gratitude and thank God for this past year.  My expression of gratitude will include my family, which I will speak of a little later, and for the people we have been part of the creative spirit a Carson Dunn Media.  Here goes.

“God in Heaven, thank you for enlarging my life and my humanity.  Thank you for the people who have walked the hallways at Carson Dunn Media and have shared parts of their days with me.  Bless them.  Enlarge their lives.  Touched each of them as I name them one by one, and speak to their qualities:

Nelida.  Her smile, humor and loyalty comforts and blesses everyone that come into her orbit…

Joy. Thank you for her clarity of thought, leadership, direction, and focus…

Kimberly.  Thank you for and letting her trust me. May everything she does have meaning…  

Patrick.  His ideas, enthusiasm and efficiency are a special gift. ..

Karla L.  Thank you God for sparing her life, and sharpening her insight…

Aaron. I thank you for his humor and zest for life.  Let his future be bright.

Walter A.  God I thank you for his steadiness, sterling character and incisiveness.

Rachel. Our time as a creative force was joyous.

Gary. Thank you for his willing ness to share ideas and his gift of wisdom…

Jackie V. Thank you for her desire to improve on everything…

Jennah.  Her desire to succeed while being kind is a Godsend. Thank you…

Sarah. For her wittiness, sense of self and confidence…

James. Thank you for his strength, insight and willingness to go the extra mile…

Karina. For her humor, kick-ass wisdom and loyalty…

Xiomara. Thank you for her intelligence, clarity of thoughts and helpfulness…

Jessica. She is truly an artist with grace and integrity

Cecilia. For keeping me and CDM on point. Thank you again for Cecilia’s intellectual gifts and taking us to the ‘next level.’

Thank you dear God for each of them and their families.”

It’s Thanksgiving. I am so grateful that each person that have been part of Carson Dunn Media have had dedication and loyalty. Our agency has endured the economic ugliness of the recession. Yes, we lost clients, but not our reputation for doing good work. We did not lose, but evolved. We are still standing because we are part of that American exceptionalness.

It’s Thanksgiving.  The greatest gift God has given me aside from life and good heath is  my wife, Joyce. She and I have been stewards over the lives of our girls (brash, assertive, smart and pretty): Agena, Makeda, Keana, and Desarae.

Each of them bring something different, but Joyce is the essence of life.  Keana has been gifted with a little boy, Asanii.  He is all of those qualities in parenthesis – but boldness must be added.  Observing the little man as he learns to walk, talk, interact and grow in every way, we realize that God has given us another generation to guide. Yeah, we should rest, but like CDM, we love our family because in both, we have much to be grateful for.

In closing, this holiday I pray each man and woman will begin to appreciate the breath of life. If you are down because of a foreclosure, job loss, poor heath, I truly understand. But, the breath of life is a promise from God. It will get better, my friends.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Bernard A. McNealy, President,

Carson Dunn Media Marketing

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