Modern Era Difficult for Baby Boomers

My name is Xiomara Carranza and I’m an intern at Carson Dunn Media, I handle publicity for our clients. Through the process of finding an internship I found out how important social media really is to our generation.

Social Media is a new term for older folk, but it is something my generation has grown up with. Part of my daily routine is to check my Facebook, twitter, and linked-in accounts followed by checking my 3 different e-mails and finally checking out the latest videos on YouTube.

Older generations find it absurd to place such importance to social media, but in today’s age it is the easiest way to find out the latest news, and the modern way of networking. I got my internship at Carson Dunn media through social networking. I posted my desire for an internship on Facebook and twitter and I quickly got responses to check on When I logged onto I found numerous internships to choose from. I started sending e-mails and Bernard McNealy, president of Carson Dunn Media was quick to respond through e-mail.

As an intern here, I found out that prior to my interview Bernard had looked at my Facebook to see what insight he could get on me and he makes sure to look at the Facebook of prospective clients and employees. Social Media has formed its way into today’s society and it is crucial to know about it in order to stay afloat with technology.

Many older people although not liking the change have adapted to the internet era, but there are those that are reluctant and want to still use the post office to send a quick memo. It is ridiculous to fight it, social media makes it easier to stay in touch with people, find out the latest news, and it’s quick and easy.

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