WEIGHING OPTIONS: Christmas Reflections

It is the day after Christmas. For me the Christmas season is a time of reflection. It is also a time to set goals, establish personal agendas, and get busy accomplishing what I have not done.

Christmas, like Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks and honor to the Creator for what He has done for us. Our society has become pluralist and secular, God is absent in the minds of those who ascribe to distance themselves from their spirituality. I had chosen not to do so — the tenets of my faith are present as I obtain and service more clients.

I’m an optimist by nature. I’ll face problems and hurdles and find ways to get around them. It is engendered in my personality. I don’t like complaining, or complainers. My grandmother once said that life is what you make it to be. If you see it as being a whirlwind for vortex or trouble, it will be just that. On the other hand, if you look past those things and see them as temporary difficulties, you can overcome them. The idea is find a measure of comfort in a discomforting situation.

Let me share what I have decided what will happen to me in the upcoming year. First, I will grow closer to God. The most satisfying and lasting accomplishment occurs when one seeks first the Kingdom (a transformed life) of God — thereafter, all you seek will be given to you. I don’t mean cosmic generosity will pour like a deluge. But, it is simply accepting the rules of attraction and aligning oneself with the Creator. This blog is not a religious tome, but simply rumination. I don’t apologize for being who I am and what I believe.

The second thing is to be a better husband. I must be more accessible and responsive to my wife. She has both needs and limitations. Being a considerate husband enables me to be there in her times of need, and to lift her past her hurdles. This is the change in me.

It also includes being a better father. I will cease being an ATM machine and become a dispenser advice and wisdom. Financially, I’ll be accessible, but not an inexhaustible lake of money.

The third thing relates to business. I want more of what I have – I see no reason to be ashamed saying that because it is not greed but a recognition of achieving goals. The growth relates to personnel — I want a larger agency that confidently and efficiently delivers services. My agency has a growth plan also includes larger office space in a creative center, such as downtown Los Angeles, or the media district. Changing locations also might include expanding services to another city. This is an exciting proposition to be located on the East and West Coasts. Growth also is an expansion of our client base. It has to be substantial, because as they say, “It is about time.”

We are also going digital. This isn’t a fad — but the nature of things. A creative agency can provide more services if blends traditional with digital. This change is a fire burning in my blood.

So, what we are looking forward to is personal and professional re-branding in 2012. 2011 was an interesting year, but it is coming to a close. Some of the business relationships I’ve had will remain cemented in the past – I won’t.

To anyone reading this blog, don’t lose sight of the fact that hope and faith should be part of your fabric. All the best.

Bernard A. McNealy

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