After years of professing his lyrical and poetic knowledge through music, d Dot Bailey is now catching his big break. Watch out Billboard Charts, d Dot Bailey is about to top “Hott 100.”
Unlike many singers of his youth, d Dot Bailey expresses raw emotion, passion, and conviction through his lyrical fluctuations. Despite his young age, he has a thorough understanding of life and its tribulations. Alongside his addictive beats and powerful lyrics, an instantaneous connection is formed between d Dot Bailey and his fans. Talent has a way of finding the listener’s ear. Bailey has been booked for performances in Southern California as people clamor to hear his Southern Cal Hip Hop beats.
However, talent and performance skills do not just appear with a snap of finger; d Dot Bailey strived through his mistakes, and forged a path for himself. This path started the moment Mr. Derek Bailey was born. As a young child, d Dot Bailey had an innate understanding of sounds and its purpose. And after confidently singing to Michael Jackson’s ABC at the age of five, Bailey knew that he was passionate about music. By the time d Dot Bailey was eighteen years old, he knew he was destined to be on stage.  Bailey has just released his second album entitled F.A.M.E. (Forgive All My Enemies). This young man’s love of music has brought him to where he is today, and it will forge a new path to bigger and better opportunities.
If you enjoy hearing beautiful vocals and inspirational lyrics, visit

Carson Dunn Media signs Derek d Dot Bailey


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