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WEIGHING OPTIONS: Hitting the Re-set Button

In the firmament something stirred in the vastness. Soon, a presence became obvious — a steady cacophony that was undeniable and intractable – change. And it was refreshing like the first rain in the spring. It gave life to newly discovered hope.

By now, everybody on the planet knows that business is operating in a rough climate. It’s a little nasty, maybe difficult to navigate and apparent for the last six years. And, one would not be far fetched to say there is pervasive stupidity borne of unholy hostility toward those of us that prefer to earn our way through life. It is evident in cities like my beloved (disappointing) Los Angeles, and certainly apparent in the People’s Republic of San Francisco and other outpost of Barry’s America. Yes, the drumbeat comes from the highest office in the land. Deride achievement. Tax the hell out of it. Put up walls of regulation and strangle American exceptionalness.

The odds are thus made harder in such an economic environment. I have news for them. We built it and we’re going to keep it.

Carson Dunn Media is like any other small business. We have our needs; we have our struggles. But even with the pressures there is an operative word, maybe a gasp of optimism – change. The change may be in the politics of the country – and it may be same thing all over again. Regardless, CDM has decided to damn the pressures and refocus our efforts to become preeminent as a small shop.  

As leader of CDM, I lost my way investing in the wrong approach, bad hires, and periods of illogicality. Well, consider this message as a hint of our commitment to invest long-term growth, no more settling for less. Not every port in the storm is good. I came to realize that that the hard way.

We have standards, standards that will steer us toward new business with a new can-do attitude.  Don’t get me wrong. In my period of nadir I discovered some amazing talent in Melissa Castro, and rediscovered the gifted artist Jessica Flores (our art and ad work are kick-ass). For that reason alone, I am very confident in the future of what Carson Dunn Media Advertising will do.

I have a plan for this advertising agency. We are going digital, plan on finding a strategist, marketer and sales director to help forge a strong management team and support staff. I am not going to settle on being part of the pack, because we plan on leading the charge.

Sure, we live in a scary financial environment. There are bank and business failures, lay-offs galore, lies, denial and fear that the economy is dead. But these are this is the fire that will test the mettle. It can be conquered. I have heard the rumble of change in the vast firmament. Quite honestly, the stage has been set to prove how great an agency CDM has grown to be. We have hit the re-set button. 

Bernard A. McNealy, President

Carson Dunn Media Advertising

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WEIGHING OPTIONS: Avoiding the Ticket to Obscurity

I took a few months off from blog writing. I thought expressing the creative focus of Carson Dunn Media had become a task best left to others. The future will determine the wisdom of this, but suffice to say, I am back.

 In my hiatus a wonderful writer and former art director of Carson Dunn Media, Kimberly Bautista took my place. As usual, Kim wrote with cogency and communicative skill.

 My intent is to speak to issues relative to marketing, public relations & advertising; the wisdom of hiring an agency if you are involved in either. I am biased – a client cannot do what we do with the efficiency and skill necessary to promote them to profitability. Creative agencies tend to be a revolving door that remains open. It is my fondest hope that our most talented colleagues will always remain allied with CDM. It makes sense because if we are to achieve our destiny, those men and women helped paved the way.

 Thanks Kim.

 Let me share something about how people go about the effort to promote themselves on their own, they make often career ending mistakes. The test is on the welcome page of our current website, but let me retell the story here.

“The big billboards had been around for years, mainly in Hollywood.  On it, the face and impressive torso of a woman were displayed. Time revealed that she wanted to be a movie star.  Intuition told her that the public and ultimately studio moguls would be drawn to her. Calls and fame would follow. Neither happened. At great expense the billboards were taken down, and then put up again. Still, there were no calls. 

 Her efforts lacked the basics of promotion.

She never consulted anyone, or really targeted her audience. The ads only bore her first name, but no information of her background and talents. Not surprisingly she did never did anything significant.  Misunderstandings public relations and advertising got her two things:  an identity as the woman with the huge breasts; and, a ticket to obscurity.

Public relations and advertising are more than notoriety. Employing the most effective avenue to reach receptive consumers equate to success.  Carson Dunn Media will insure that a client avoids becoming the person on the big billboard.”

 That’s it. It isn’t funny, just ironic and sad. I cannot speak for any other agency but I have a gentle warning to our potential customers. Do not engage in marketing, PR, or advertising without knowing the terrain. Promotion is Carson Dunn Media’s métier. Whether it is broadcast, print, online ads, Twitter and or Facebook campaigns, CDM strives to be thorough beyond expectation. It is what we do – and very well at that.

Sometimes avoiding fading to obscurity and losing a dream comes about because a person just does not want to pay a fee for professional guidance.

 Bernard A. McNealy, President


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