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One thing I’ve learned from running a creative agency is that it is a singular life. That is, the man at the top determines vision and direction. And of course, in the midst of accepting accolades for success, must take the blame for failure. It isn’t anyone else fault. Invoking that straw man and laying fault at the foot of a predecessor is cowardly.

It is no small coincidence that I am writing this on the eve of the Presidential Debates and the looming elections. It is going to be very interesting because the election may be tight or stolen by phantom voters. (Ironically, ideologue Rahmm Emanuel is running Chicago and there a rumor that graves have open and five thousand zombies have been spotted filling out voter registration cards). Voter suppression may also be an issue, but not as rampant as some have claimed and were disproved. However, it is a fact that Chicago had a fire at the turn of the 20th century, and democrat John F. Kennedy got at least 75,000 ‘votes’ from dead people. As I said, Rahmm is rummaging the tombs.

This is not the subject of this blog but I am concerned about the times ahead. In some states unemployment at depression level, and as always, among Blacks and Latinos. There is nothing being spoken by either candidate that suggests either of them will address this during the debates. On the strength of our present Administration’s contentment allowing people to be out of work and draw benefits for 99 weeks, my prayer is that we will not have more of the same Imperial apathy. The economy could have been revved up if the desire was there. It hasn’t been.

In tough times businesses should do everything necessary to stay open, including squeezing more out for their advertising budgets. That may sound ridiculous, but there’s an old saying: “Do you know what happens when you don’t advertise? Not a damned thing.” The truth of this adage hurts. As the creative director for an agency I am biased. If a business increases marketing, that business will make more money and will either hire more people, or hold things even by not laying off personnel.

Here is the point. If there is any such thing as an inalienable right, it is having a lifestyle far above starvation. Families must flourish. Historically, when they do not, the nation perishes. Hopefully this cause-and-effect scenario will play out, but in the times ahead we should give a damn.

Politically, isn’t actually caring a novel concept? I don’t expect the cigarette Smoking Man in the skinny boy suit to understand.

Bernard Alexander McNealy, President

Carson Dunn Media Advertising

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