New Beginnings: Dumb People Can Be Millionares

Advertising is not my first foray into the business world. I have been in business for some time. I have an internal argument about my level of success and failure. It’s an ongoing discussion.

I had a man tell me that I was smart, so much so that I should be a millionaire. At one time on paper, I was a millionaire. It’s amazing how fast paper burns, as does a fortune. But, I digress.

The dude was actually putting me down although he thought he was being encouraging. I don’t fault him but I did come to realize two things: 1) People without a business always tell you how to run yours; 2) Most successful people in business are amazingly dumb.

If my clients are smart, they are not part of this discussion.

It is truly amazing how people tend to rest on their “laurels” of accomplishments as if the past is relevant to what they’re doing today. The past is instructed and foundation. It’s like what I read in another blog: “The Ad Contrarian.” The contention is that dumb people become successful as a matter of positioning. In his blog, the author talks about a concept called “achieving orbit.”

It makes sense. Consider a satellite, he says. The satellite has energy to escape the gravitational pull of years. Once it gets orbit it operates on its own. It continues to circle under its own power for years. It does have a cycle, however – when it bumps in the something that’s in this way.

I agree with the Ad Contrarian. Many businesses are like that as well. The power of their products and services get them through. The company’s current administration may not have had anything to do with it; nevertheless, the business continues to be successful.

In my opinion, when a company hit a point of diminishing aimlessness is the moment a similar product is introduced by a vibrant competitor. The moment that happens, business will go south because consumers will see the old company as being irrelevant.

As Joe Friday said: “That’s where I come in. I carry a badge.” Well, in my case it is a briefcase, a Samsung tablet, a yellow pad and pen.

Carson Dunn Media Advertising, Inc. (or CDM Digital) offers advertising services that will help a company survive on something other than its own inertia. Our agency specializes in campaign plans, analyzing marketing trends and development, and importantly, consumer receptivity of a brand.

We pride ourselves on devising the insuring of the client gets a healthy return on their advertising investment. We even develop marketing materials and collateral clients. Why? It is all part of the process of their success.
CDM has adapted and embraced digital technology. Digital advertising agencies not only grow fast, but are nimble and inventive. There are still some people doubt the power of the Internet to communicate and sell products. I’m not knocking them, I’m just trying to make a point.

As we learned, we cannot continue to do things as we have and expect optimum results. Change this necessitated by time. I’d like for new clients to walk in the door. Here is why. Unlike the naysayers, I believe in ideals, business growth and in their very essence, business needs to be guided in the direction they want to go.

Check you, later.

Bernard A. McNealy, CEO

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