New Beginnings: Meg Tilly Motivation Moment

In 1993, there was a remake of the Kevin McCarthy classic, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” called “Body Snatchers.” To me, life often plays out like a movie. Seemingly we live by a script. Sometimes we write it daily; other times life just sort of happens.

Each action one takes is the consequence of each event leading up to that moment of occurrence.

I’ve developed certain talents beneficial in carrying out whatever vocation I am undertaking. I am acting consequential to the script of preparation. For example, I went to law school and ultimately opened an administrative law and mediation practice; then, a series of events led me down the winding path of opening an advertising agency.

Lately, after more setbacks than progress, I re-evaluated whether I want to keep going. On a personal level it was hurtful when someone I relied on to help re-branding my agency, took her considerable talents elsewhere (she’ll do well). It was a bothersome setback when two people designated as department leaders proved ill-suited. Their responsibilities had to be filled quickly, so I selected myself because it was cheaper (doing thing on the cheap is always a mistake) because our clients were paying late if prodded — or not at all, if requested.

I didn’t like explaining our internal dwindle to prospects and existing clients. I’m still be a little unsettled by being thrown off-balance. Here is where the Meg Tilly Motivation Moment comes in.

The scene is a master shot of the den and living room of darkly lightly house with music droning low — one long continuous note. Will Patton, playing ‘Steve,’ Meg’s husband, runs frantically down the stairs into the silhouetted living room. “Carol! Carol! We gotta go! Honey! We…we have get out,” Steve shouts. Meg is in the den whispering into the phone.

“Carol! We gotta get out of here! We gotta go,” Steve repeats. Clearly what he feared has just struck. Tears and fear ride the current of his words.

Cut across to a close up of Carol (Meg). She’s calm, despite knowing what’s happened. I found what happened next inspiring because I was contemplating taking Steve’s advice. Throwing up my hand in defeat.

Carol coos in a halting, three gin and tonic voice: “Go…where? Shhh…I want you to listen to me, Steve. Shhh. This is important…Steve.That thing that happened in the room, happened. It’s happened everywhere. But, where’re you gonna run? Where’re you gonna hide? You can’t, because there won’t anybody there like you. So, I ask you — go where — where’re you gonna run – where’re you gonna hide?”

Carol is calm — zombie calm — Jody Arias sneaking in your bedroom calm. Hell, Carol’s Meg Tilly.

The movie’s called Body Snatchers for a reason. In life you think the spaghetti has hit the fan because you believe you’re in the wrong place. I’ve felt like and been Steve more than once.

In my case the issue boils down to what would being apathetic achieve? What would running away prove? What would neglecting the business by disengaging myself intellectually accomplish? There’s no place to run — there’s no place to hide. Importantly, there is no one else like me.

Meg’s sexy-scary voice soliloquy said what I needed to hear because it was true. I am where I belong. This is the right time to improve on it and push beyond fear and confusion to abundant success.

Catch you later,

Bernard Alexander McNealy

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