New Beginnings: Thank You Roy Eaton

From the executive to the account and to the creative level, the advertising profession suffers from a lack of participation of blacks. When we are in college in the communications disciplines, there emerges a disdain or dissuasion from going into advertising. It is a mistake.

We owe to those who struggled and succeeded at what they wanted and what they were cut out to be. Roy Eaton.

I recognize that a number of people go into public relations (some opening their own shops) only because of the perception that PR is glamourous and exposes one to entertainment and its glitz. That’s true to a degree, but advertising offers one a chance to participate in writing their own story. It affords an opportunity that should be pursued.

Issues of racism and the lack of diversity cannot be ignored — but some things are worth the struggle. It saddens me when I give an opportunity to a black intern that they ridicule me, slam the agency and just stop showing up. They don’t understand that everything we do is part of a process. But, it is a process that I am proud to be part of.

In this video interview, Roy Eaton, renowned pianist and former creative with the advertising agencies Y&R and Benton & Bowles is an inspiration, and perhaps tells it better than I can.

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