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Food For Thought: The New Year

A sacred burden is this life you bear:

Look on it, lift it, bear it solemnly,

Stand up and walk beneath it steadfastly.

Fail not for sorrow, falter not for sin,

But onward, upward, till the goal, you win…

                                                            (Frances Anne Kemble)

By the time this blog appears, it will be late January 2017. 2016 has passed and if nothing else, it was interesting. A year is a period of time that can be best characterized not as the 365 days it takes Terra (Earth) to obit the Sun, but as shadow-play in which events occur that will affect us for the remainder of our time on this planet.


365 days is a proper period to reflect on those events and decide how we can improve the quality of who we are. During that measure of time, one can also weigh the wisdom of and proper method of jettisoning things that caused our year to be less than what it should have been.


That is what I decided to do –throw off the bullshit. God knows I had to confront a lot of it in 2016. Every year is filled with challenges and rewards. For me, a reward should be the grand pay-off for enduring. My rewards have been few, but I have learned a lot.


I thought about using this blog as a vehicle to write about happy stuff – things that will compel prospective clients to join us in our field of sunshine. But that would suggest that we are trouble free at CDM Digital Advertising — we are not – most of the time. Regardless, we welcome business.


I am the source of most of it. The problem stems from the fact that I am a ‘nice guy.’ Well if I learned anything last year, is that being Mr. Nice guy put’s a bulls-eye on my back because you don’t question but accept things as they are.


This is not a recitative of resolutions for the New Year, but a declaration of what won’t happen anymore.


What I am about to say has to do with being president of a small marketing agency and being close to the action. If we had a larger company with its attendant layers of management, I wouldn’t be talking about it. Call this cautionary as I move on. A colleague of mine that owns a public relations shop told me something that made me cautious going into 2017.


She was the victim of a reoccurring nightmare. It started with at least two bad hires. These were nasty minded, treacherous people that would probably steal oxygen from their grandmother’s nostrils -– small wonder they created hell within the office.


She wouldn’t tell me their names, she didn’t have to — I had their resumes on my desk. Every business experiences these types. It is best to promptly point them to the exit if they walk in the door. A small agency cannot afford their antics.


She also encountered some lazy, dense interns that complained about the number of assignments they received or walked away from them. Assignments come with the territory, folks.


Here is the worst of it, though: clients that we call ‘time-stealers.’ You will know a ‘time-stealer,’ by their tactics – soliciting your time for services – receiving them — and not paying for them. She had several of them last year.


That year also brought several people that refused to understand the difference between a ‘publicist,’ and ‘public relations agency.’


They wanted a lot for nothing and more beyond that. They were also time- stealers. This really affected the ‘nice guy’ in me. There’s a warning for every business in my friend’s experience. Use it for the new year and prosper.


Bernard Alexander McNnealy, President

CDM Digital Advertising Agency LLC