Want Self-Market? Please Don’t.

Suzanne Chu, Strategist


Okay. We’ll be upfront. Our primary reason why we recommend against a business doing its own marketing, is that as an ad agency we’re your competition. Agencies employ professionals to do the very thing you may be contemplating. We’re better at it. It’s what we do for a living. We heard of a surgeon that operated with a stick …on himself. His work got him a nice pastoral manicured place…in Forest Lawn.


Dabbling where you shouldn’t dabble has consequences. Sometimes the impact can be fatal to a company. Putting together a marketing plan is a delicate process — it isn’t hard — it takes practice. Our jobs on this side of the equation has equipped us to reach target audiences with the most effective schemes, or methods.


Most often, when a company is small with perhaps two employees, self-marketing and promotion may be the most inexpensive course to take. It may be. But, it should be seen as a short term solution. But what happens if that employee gets too busy to meet deadlines? For example. A magazine demands payment before your ad will run — the employee forgets to send over payment — the ad doesn’t run. Whatever sales quota you were hoping to meet has been missed. Does this mistake happen with an agency? Seldom.


Small business owners often do not develop real marketing plan or goal; the idea is getting you name out there. The thing is, there are low cost solutions to putting together an effective marketing plan. Pros at agencies can help you by devising standalone solutions like strategy, market research, promotional press releases, or social media marketing that won’t crush your budget. Don’t be surprise that if you connect with the right agency, after about four months, you’ll see an increase of revenue.


One last add. We want to grow our client roster. We work on a retainer basis, but offer flexibility. Yes, we’re for profit, but we’re inventive because satisfied, profitable clients are the most important aspect of what of this process. your story.

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