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New Beginnings: Dare To Be Great

Carson Dun Media Advertising stands on the cusp of dismantling its old line traditional business model in favor of becoming a re branded digital agency. I’m running into something a lot of small businesses run into: Stretching the dollar; hiring competent staff; finding people who want to be outstanding and not just employees. The process has been nothing short of interesting.

I revisited something that boosted my spirits. That is, no matter what we do and and how we operate, we must do so competently and with integrity. And from a cultural standpoint, we’re doing at least that. In other words these two things, competence and integrity are part of our brand. It is who we are and how we plan on navigating the agency to greatness.

Ever notice that most businesses, large and small have no distinctive brand stamp? It is far too true. And when someone decides to give the company identity, he or she runs it by a committee. A herd of cats have more uniformity that most committees — so when one relies that, nothing gets done.

Can this be as bad as the company owner that is afraid to establish an identity? After all, there is imitation of approach, selling and product line. So, they settle for hunkering down with the usual excuses. Here’s the thing. Your company, just like mine has to be distinct because there is about six thousand businesses opening every month in the USA. Surely, some appear to be, or are the same. That’s why its critical to brand — to give a face to who you are. We assist in this process, but we need to be clear, unless you listen — and pay us — you’ll fall back into that sea of sameness.

The challenge is to brand — the challenge is to dare to be great.

Check you later,

Bernard Alexander McNealy, President
Carson Dunn Media Advertising, Inc.


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